Our Agro based exports and logistics is a Bangalore based company . The company has a strong foundation in the field of import and export, contract farming , wholesale supply in raw cashew nuts, fruit and  vegetables, Chicken Feeds, Rabbit Meat  etc. 

All our fresh vegetables are grown in Hygenic condition and are hand picked, they are organically cultivated without the use of any Harmful pesticides and chemicals, These fresh vegetables are packed in quality packaging material. So, that, they stay fresh for a  long period of time.

We are one of the fresh vegetables exporters in india.

We offer great value with our products and services introducing  ideas  in  sourcing  and  exporting   and we  have  been  offering  world  class  products  at  the  most  competitive prices.

Further these activities will be extended to all over india, company will also provide qualitative and quantitative solutions to farmers in Agriculture, Horticulture and floriculture activities.

Company will also support the farmers through buy back system, it will export to various countries in Middle east and south east Asia, in addition to this, it will also start its own marketing outlets in Bangalore and other major cities, there by the company increases its capacity, which will get benefit the farmer in his financial status, in addition to this company will provide organic and bio fertilizers to our farmers through which the yield of the crops will be increased.

Our working  styles  in  very  simple,  quality,  best rate,  reliability  and  performance.

We can  provide  all  products  in  any  packing  size  and   quantity,  our  roots  are  strong  in  this  business  and  we have  confidence to  serve  our customers  at the  best  level.

We have  a overseas  group  branches  and  associates  in india,  uae,  oman,  Singapore,  Malaysia,  Thailand,  Vietnam, Africa and Combodia.


  • Provide contract and joint farming

  • We support the farmers through buy back system

  • Export for Agri produce and market extension

  • Support for farmers welfare and their safety

  • Focus on renewable resources, easing the pressure on Natural resources

  • Quality assurances, advisory services to farmers

  • Team work and value people

  • Competent customer service.


To effectively  serve  business  associates and  society  and in the process  create  wealth  and  to  establish  a reliable  link  between  our   customers  and local  farmers.


We lead by honoring  business  commitments  through  most  competent  services  and  delight  our valued  customers.

Core values

Safety and health  environmental responsibility. 

Business confidentiality



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